Outrage over non increase of civil servants’ August salaries.

There has been an outpour of rage over the non increase by government of civil servants’ salaries this August. Those who were rooting for government to increase wages have had their hopes shattered as the salaries reflecting in their bank accounts are still the same old numbers. To add insult to injury, the cushioning allowance that was given in July has since been withdrawn.

Most civil servants are crying foul over their paltry salaries. The issue comes at a time when the International Monetary Fund IMF representative in Since has warned government against increasing the salaries of its workers as this could increase inflation. This comes in the wake of the introduction of the Zim currency by the finance minister this year which saw spending power being reduced to almost a tenth of hat it was.

The period extending from 2010 to 2016 saw the government boosting wages for its employees. The salaries now constituted more than 90% of tax revenue collected up from 40% in 2010. To avoid a reccurence of such, the IMF representative said that government must align wage growth with economic growth and government revenue. These sentiments have sparked an outcry with most civil servants stating that they are struggling to survive based on their current salaries which mainly range from US 50 to US 100 dollars.

The IMF is now at odds with the finance minister Prof Mthuli Ncube who is in favour of increasing wages. The self proclaimed champion of wage adjustments is now in a corner. He has often said that he is for the idea of increasing salaries in both the public and private sector to restore better living conditions for workers.

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