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Zimbabwe’s top food bloggers.

Every country has its own top chefs who can execute traditional cuisine with the outmost ease and skill. Zimbabwe boasts of two notable ladies that have managed to market local dishes at a global scale.

Ivy Chatora is a Zimbabwean food blogger based in London. She is telling founder of Ivy’s kitchenette. Ivy has also written several books on Zimbabwean cuisine. Ivy loves to put a modern twist to traditional African food. She has been the forerunner of marketing local dishes abroad. Her delicious meals have been the centre of attraction and she has amassed a huge online following.

Ivy has always stated that she loved cooking from a young age. She used to post her dishes in a cooking Facebook group. One of the members pitched the idea of starting a food blog after being impressed by her work. Ivy has not looked back ever since.

2 Rumbi Shoko is another food blogger who rose to fame with her cooking show Zimbo kitchen. Her culinary skills are excellent. Rumbi’s major aim was to empower women who love cooking Zimbabwean food but do not have the know how. She started implementing basic classes for beginners and she now enjoys an enormous online following.

Rumbi also has a few publications under her name ranging from pastries to main courses and desserts. Her cooking methodology is simple and basic. She employs the use of basic ingredients within the reach of many people.

The two ladies are indeed making waves in the food industry and flying the country’s flag high.

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