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Eubert Angel splashes on an island in Uganda.

Zim prophets seem to be making the headlines for their love of the finer things in life. Barely a month after Passion Java caused furore by showing off his brand new Lamborghini fellow prophet Eubert Angel has stepped a notch up by purchasing an island in Uganda.

Dubbed the “Angel islad”, the vast piece of land is 140 acres big and has a variety of white sand beaches. It is alleged that the prophet intedns to convert the island into a holiday resort. The island is found in the Kalangala district and is a mere 40 minutes away from Entebbe. It is sorrounded by Lake Victoria, which is the second biggest lake in the world and is a water source to the Nike river.

Prophet Angel is Zimbabwean born but is based in the U.K with his wife Beverly and kids. He is one of the country richest prophets with business interests all over the world. He is the founder of Spirit Embassy which was later renamed Good news church. Angel recently celebrated his birthday in style topped with an Egyptian theme.

The prophet seems to enjoy cordial relations with Uganda. In July this year, he visited the country in a movie style charade. His motorcade consisted of top of the range cars such as Range rovers, police escort vehicles and motorcycles. He addressed his supporters at the Rntebbe stadium before meeting the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni.

Angel has thousands of followers from across the globe. Although some people were ecstatic at the news, others felt there is need for such people to invest in their own country which can barely stand on it’s feet.

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