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5 things that make you stay younger

Massage your years away

The new way to tackle facial lines is by lying back with a slice of cucumber on each eye and gently iron out creases around the eyes with you fingertips.

Age in reverse
Try to do youthful things such as playing some pop music that you loves when you were still in high school, get together with old friends or take up a sport that you loved as a child

Boost your immune system
A well kept and strong immune system helps fight infections. Eat immune boosting foods

Practice strength training
Making thicker an stronger muscles is the latest must do for women. It can leave you less prone to injuries as you age and make you feel years younger too

Sip on some green tea
Green tea can also inhibit oxidative stress in the body. People who live to over 100 have been found to have lower markers of oxidative stress than average

Stand up straight
Poor posture can put years on you. Correct posture helps improve breathing and blood flow, which means you wont only look younger but feel it too

Have sex
Sex keeps you young and active. Active people who have sex more often actually look years younger. This is because sex is an aerobic activity that promotes skin renewal, reduces stress and keeps you fit

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