Lovestruck doctor asks Advocate Mahere out on Twitter

A daring neurologist based in South Africa caught the attention of the whole country recently after asking Advocate Fadzayi Mahere on a date on social media. Lenon Gwaunza decided to take his shot on twitter and asked the outspoken lawyer and MDC loyalist out.

Most people said the doctor indeed had balls of steel and was now approaching dangerous waters. Mahere is undoubtedly one of the most daunting females in the country. Not only is she a hotshot lawyer and outspoken activist but she also has that air of authority around her and most men have expressed their fears of approaching her. Mahere is not married.

Advocate Mahere has handled high level cases and is a sensation at court. She has quite a reputation at higher courts such as the Supreme court where she has argued numerous times. She also does part time lecturing. It remainsi be seen whether she will heed to the calls by the neurologist for a date.

Some people said the doctor will never be able to score a date with Mahere whom they said is above his class. Others, however, thought he stood a chance since he has a good job and is obviously a learned person

It is not unusual for people to also for dates on social media. Several people have actually crossed paths and ended up getting married after having encounters online. Well, we can only wait and see the date of the ballsy doctor who dared ask the prominent lawyer out on a date on twitter. Last year a journalist Clayton Masekesa hit on socialite Olinda Chapel on Facebook and confessed his love for her.

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