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Madam boss receives backlash over bathing comment

Madam boss was recently roasted on social media after she innocently asked whether her fans had bathed for the day. The comedian received major backlash after fans made enquires about her extraordinary white face. They accused her of bleaching.

What was meant to be an innocent question soon backfired for the comedian with nasty comments being thrown at her by some social media users. They hailed insults at her and said her type of bathing was no different from everybody else save that she is into bleaching. Some even voiced that she was slowly turning into a white woman right before their eyes.

Madam boss has been accused of using skin lightening products since she stepped into the limelight. The issue has however been a debatable one considering that she looks light skinned in her old pictures, even before the fame. Those who have defended her say it is merely and issue of her now living a good life that has changed her looks.

The comedian seemed not to be bothered by the comments. Mad boss has often been ridiculed in social media but true to her style, she merely brushes aside negative comments and continues with her hustle. She has been rolling out new projects such as Hustlers table with Madam boss and continues to be engaged by various companies to represent their brands.

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