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Pokello dishes major clap back to a fan who dissed her on social media

Socialite Pokello recently put a man who had poked at her in his place. The socialite proved that she can be feisty and has some skills when it comes to clapping back.

The man had asked whether it was worth the time for women to gather and listen to Pokello. He said he wanted women to respond since they are the ones that usually go to listen to her when she addresses on certain issues. Pokello was clearly annoyed by the question and descended upon the man in true queen of swagger style.

She simply wrote,”Well I know if you listened to me,that size 54 pin stripe suit wouldn’t be wearing you. Tie looking like a gstring in that blue school prefect shirt”. The major clap back had fans roaring in laughter and scrutinising what the man was wearing.

Pokello is the envy of many women in Zimbabwe. It was at a recent conference that she is alleged to have claimed that local women do not bath. This ignited into a social media war but the socialite later claimed that she had been misquoted.

Pokello is well known to dress up in exquisite clothes. She also loves to take good care of her skin with a strict beauty regimen. Although she has been given various names of late such as “her royal bathness” she still remains the people’s favour choice.

Pokello is undoubtedly gifted when it comes to clapping back. Her fame and popularity has obviously made her a target for hate comments and nasty remarks from various people. Surely the girl can stand up for herself.

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