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Chiyangwa dances along to “Hello Mwari”

Flamboyant business man Phillip Chiyangwa is blowing up the internet yet again with another hillarious video. The popular business mogul was recorded dancing along to Jah Master’s song Hello Mwari. His dance moves could surely put some to shame as he enjoyed the rhythm of the song.

Hello Mwari has since become a national anthem for music lovers and Chiyangwa seems to have joined the long list of people that are currently enjoying the hit song. Jah Master clearly did a wonderful job such that his song has attracted the likes of prominent people such as doctor Phil. Chiyangwa is seen having the time of his life in the video.

Chiyangwa loves to have a good time. When it comes to business he is ruthless and shrewd and when it comes to having fun, he does not hold back. He has been hailed as one of the most laid back and chilled out people.

He has made a big name for himself in the business world. Chiyangwa has business interests in construction, engineering and several other areas. He is undoubtedly one of the richest people in the country. Apart from his sharp business acumen, he is also a politician

Social media has been awash with comments and it seems people were not aware of Chiyangwa’s dancing skills. He has been even commended for his singing prowess.

It seems the Hello Mwari frenzy has not spared the big wigs. The song has become a wonder hit, dominating the airwaves and causing a stir at parties and weddings. Jah Master was even awarded US 1000 dollars after the song took the top spot by having the most number of views.

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