10 Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Naturally chocolate is a natural guilty pleasure for a lot of people due to its rich and normally sweet taste. In winter most people opt for hot chocolate rather than coffee or tea. There is something about that smell of chocolate that gives a happy and warm feeling. Well sweetened processed chocolate might need to be taken in smaller doses but health experts and scientist have proven that dark chocolate is really good for you. Here are 10 health benefits of dark chocolate.

10 Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate
10 Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

1.Is very nutritious filled with antioxidants,Β dietary minerals and vitamins.

2. Protects skin from the sun due to the flavonols found inΒ cocoa beans.

3. If taken in high doses dark chocolate can improve brain function.

4. Can help prevent depression due to a chemical found in dark chocolate calledΒ Theobromine. This componentΒ can cause excitability and give energy but caution must be taken not to crash. Other mood boosting components of dark chocolate include anandamide andΒ phenethylamine.

5. Protection from disease-causing free radicals through antioxidants.Β Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals and protect the body from their damage.

6. Potential cancer prevention due to flavonoids.

7. Can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

8. Can aid against diabetes due to the flavonoids which help support support endothelial function and insulin resistance.

9.Β  Can help control coughs due toΒ theobromine which prevents the actiavtion of coughing fits.

10. Dark chocolate helps regulate cholesterol due toΒ coleic acid, stearic and palmitic acids.

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