10 Things You Need To Stop And Start Walking

Most of us taking walking lightly as just part of our daily routine and not an important form of exercise. If you are looking to lose weight or keep fit you need to take walking seriously. Walking should become part of your lifestyle as much as going to the gym, getting enough sleep and eating healthy. Below are you need to stop and start walking the right way.

10 Things You Need To Stop And Start Walking
10 Things You Need To Stop And Start Walking

1. Stop finding excuses to not walk or exercise.

2. Stop making assumptions about the amount of calories that you are burning.

3. Breathing harder is not a bad as indicates that you are burning fat.

4. Don’t make your walking workout a routine.

5. Don’t assume that you know what you are eating but instead take record.

6. 10,000 steps is not a marathon so don’t overeat as if you walked an extreme distance.

7. Stop taking calories in juice, soft drinks or coffee. Replace those calories with water.

8. Take the stairs and long routes.

9. Don’t be idle, keep moving and make sure that you are always walking.

10. Stop having a negative attitude towards walking.

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