7 Homemade Alternatives For Medical Kits

There will come a time when you might experience a medical emergency. Ideally you have a first aid kit and often prepared. But there are times when you might not be equipped with an emergency kit. What do you do when an accident happens and need to attend to it urgently? While you may have dialed the emergency number for ambulance there things that you can do to aid a victim. There are simple things within your kitchen or house that you can use to improvise. Below areΒ 7 homemade alternatives for medical kits


1. Povidone iodine

Povidone iodine, is used to clean skin, wounds, sterilize tools, and treat water in an emergency. If you don’t have povidone iodine, then get some sugar and honey or water and mix it up until it makes a paste.

2. Glucose

When individuals are are weak or might get into a diabetic coma, glucose is used to boost them up. Get sugar or a few sweets and give them to the victim.

3. Saline water

Saline water (more commonly known as salt water) is water that contains a significant concentration of dissolved salts. Saline water is used to clean wounds, treat sore throats, cuts and replace electrolytes in the body.Β Put a 1/2 teaspoon (2.5g) of salt into a cup and add to one cup of hot water. Stir and then allow to cool.

4. Bandages

So you need bandages what can you use? Use clothing a clean blanket, sheet or even bubble wrap to hold the area until further medical assistance comes. For a sling useΒ a tie, scarf, or even a belt. To stop bleeding useΒ a t-shirt or socks. You can also useΒ duct tape to build slings and splints, andΒ  fixing cuts.

5. Antibiotics

Common antibiotics include penicillin, gentamycin and cotrimoxazol. However you might not have those to fight off infection or clean wounds. You can use honey, or garlic or even cinammon.

6. Suturing Materials

Most suturing thread is made of either nylon or silk, so you can use as fishing line or, silk thread. Super glue can be an effective substitute for stitches in some cases.

7. Scalpel

Scalpels are used for removing dead skin tissue from wounds. There might be need to slightly cut however if you don’t know how to, don’t attempt. Use a clean, unused razor blade or sharp kitchen knife.


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