Top 7 warning signs of post partum deppression.

Post partum depression is a condition that is often experienced by new mothers.Celebrities such as Olinda Chapel have confessed to having suffered from post partum depression after giving birth to her daughter Nandi. Here are some of the red flags to look out for in new mothers.

1 Excessively feeling upset or a strong sense of guilt. This may be characterised by frequent crying and feelings unhappiness over being a parent.

2 Having some never ending baby blues. One may also experience feelings of hopelessness , sadness and periodical mood swings.

3 Losing interest in things that one loves may also be another warning sign of post partum depression. It could be failure to eat foods that ine normally loves to eat or finding entertainment less appealing.

4 Failure to make decisions independently. Simple decisions like which dress one intends to wear, the make up to put on or where to go may be attributed to post partum depression.

5 An erratic change in sleeping patterns may occur. It is quite normal for a new mother to find it difficult to sleep. With a new baby, it is normal. However, if one still finds it difficult to sleep even when the any is also sleeping, it is a cause for concern. Those suffering from post partum depression have been known to experience insmnia.

6 Suicidal thoughts and self harm can be signs of post artum depression. These are the more advanced stages of the condition. Some people have confessed to cutting themselves and considering ending their lives due to post partum depression.

7 Too much worrying that one is not going to be an ideal mother can also be a warning that one s experiencing pst partum depression.

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