Viveki Solanki receives backlash for covid 19 tweet

Viveki Solanki, a doctor at Trauma centre has received backlash on his tweet about the covid 19 in Zimbabwe. He had tweeted that of all the patients that he had treated he had observes symptoms of the gut having been affected as well. This did not go down well with most people who questioned where he had treated covid 19 patients.

Advocate Fadzai Mahere had some questions for the famous doctor and asked she asked whether the doctor was seeing these patients at his Rock Foundation clinic or at Trauma centre. She also queried whether his patients were reflected in the national statistics and how many he had seen so far. She finished off by asking why he had deleted his tweet. Most people echoed the same sentiments.

Solanki’s claims have now she’s light on the issues that were being run on the rumour mill that the elite in Zimbabwe have their own private facility where they are seeking medical services for covid 19 screening and treatment. This comes at a time when the country’s major corona virus centre Wilkins hospital is said to be incapacitated go deal with covid 19 cases due to lack of ventilators and other resources.

Donations that have been pouring in have seemingly been vanishing into thin air. Most people have been lashing out at the elite for being selfish and for not having national interest at heart.

A few weeks ago, MDC chief whip Tendai Biti made allegations that ED and his allies were setting up a private hospital for their own convenience in the face of the covid 19. He also claimed they were diverting funds towards that cause.

Doctor Solanki might have deleted his tweet but people have already been irked by the possibility that politicians and the rich and famous are secretly having to consult him for private covid 19 screening thereby distorting the national statistics

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