Government Releases Dec Pay Dates For Civil Servants

Such a relief for Zimbabwean civil servants, the Government has released December pay dates for civil servants, with those in the health sector and uniformed forces being paid on December 21 while the rest will receive their salaries after Christmas.

Government Releases Dec Pay Dates For Civil Servants


Β Teachers will reportedly be getting be paid on 28th ofΒ  December while other civil servants will be paid on the 3rd ofΒ  January. Pensioners are expected to receive their allowances on January 6.

Mr Sifiso Ndlovu,Β Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association chief executive officer allegedly said thatΒ  It was communicated to the Apex chairperson (Mrs Cecilia Alexander) who has sent it to unions. It’s not a negotiated arrangement but it’s a statement from Government indicating when they’re ready to pay.

”If you calculate the number of days from the last date of payment it means they are broke. It means their families are not entitled to any festive enjoyment and they will have a postponed Christmas,” he added.


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