Maid in court for perfoming indecent acts with a four year old.

A Bulawayo maid has caused a stir after being arrested for teaching her employer’s four year old son some sex moves. The issue came to light after the innocent young boy tried to make a move on her mother, her grandmother and another woman on separate accounts. It is alleged that the little boy found his mother lying down facing upwards. He then tried to do some sexual acts and after being querried revealed that it was the made who had taught him to caress the buttocks, breasts and private parts. The incident happened in November last year.

The rogue maid appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Lizwe Jamela facing charges of perfoming indecent acts with a young person. She was remanded to January 21 on 100 rtgs bail. Crimes of a sexual nature are currently on the increase particularly those involving young persons. This disturbing trend has become a norm in the country. The world is indeed no longer a safe place for young kids as they have to go through such untold things at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them. Sadly, some cases go unreported as young children fail to realise the gravity of these acts at times. With little appreciation that what they are being asked to do is wrong, some kids suffer at the hands of maids, uncles, aunts and their guardians for years.

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