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Desmond ‘’Stunner’’ Chideme Interview

Desmond Chideme known as Stunner to his fans believes that one need to work hard and have perseverance to get to the top or to reach your dreams. As a Dancer turned Musician, he shows that as people we need to tap in to our skills or talents as we have more than one and make them work for us. In this interview Stunner talks about his journey as a musician, business man and his future plans.

Who is Desmond ‘’Stunner’’ Chideme?

A hip hop artist, starting as a dancer but through hard work and perseverance, rose to the top of the music scene in Zimbabwe… always reaching for that next level.

What inspired the name “Stunner”?

To be honest I can’t quite remember where I got that from, but I have it and it fits the profile.

Growing up in Harare Zimbabwe how would you describe your childhood?

It was a good childhood. I was raised by a loving mom who let me and my siblings to be who we wanted be and also guided us away from the drugs and violence.

What made you fall in love with music?

After trying a lot of other things, music was the thing that clicked with me.

How do you describe your music?

Hip Hop / Rap. My music is often classed as Urban Grooves, but that genre isn’t recognized everywhere. So basically, I am an urban singer on the hip hop side of things. You could say my music is hip hop with a Zimbabwean flavour.

What makes you stand out as an artist?

I have my own style and don’t try to copy from anyone, so I suppose anything I then do is bound to stand out. I like being different from everyone else.


Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs?

Inspiration comes from life… I sing about my everyday surroundings, which also happens to be space I share with 60 to 70 percent of the population and they can easily identify with what I am singing. My songs talk about things that many people experiences.

How many albums have you released so far, and what has been the reception like?

I have released 6 albums so far: Hameno, KaLife, Team Hombe, Number 1, Can’t Stop Me, and Ndauraya Munhu. The 7th album is just now being finished and will be released in 2013.

You are known for hit single ‘Godo’ featuring Ba Shupi, what inspired the song?

Life experiences.

Which song would you say that was your best recorded song?

Tarisa Mudenga ft. Roki

What is your best live performance  so far?

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2010

You have your own label… what inspired you to start your own label?

Tazzoita Cash Records represents a dream. I always wanted to own my own studio and label. Music is my talent and I intend to make the most out of it. The Tazzoita Cash stable will also nurture other upcoming artists and it will be the basis for a versatile business empire that includes a clothing label.

Which artists have you worked with? And how was the experience? 

Many artists… with well-known musicians like Roki and Sanii Makhalima but also new artists. I enjoy working with talented artists, regardless of whether they have made a name for themselves yet or not.

What would you like to change about Africa today?

The mindset of people that if it’s made in Africa, it’s not as good.

What obstacles have you faced? And how did you overcome them?

We are from a very colonially westernized country and the biggest challenge is the locals are taking their time to support their own. So as a musician you just have to keep pushing and hope tomorrow will be better than today.

You have performed in UK, how was the experience?

I enjoyed all the tours in the UK, Spain, South Africa and Australia. Hopefully more tours and more countries will be added to the list. The fans are great and very supportive. Ndimi mune yese… We do this for the fans, the music is for them.

In your opinion how can African artists support each other?

Step by step. Just taking time to try and understand different genres of other artists. If you have made it, then don’t shut the door behind you. Let one or two others in as well.

Any future plans?

Working on an international breakthrough. Taking my music worldwide.

What advice would you give to upcoming musicians?

Be yourself and keep pushing.

How can people connect with you?

Find the latest information on the Stunner – Tazoita Ca$h Records Facebook page and on Twitter @tazzoita.

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