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GoodChild Interview

How is GC doing in 2015?

GC is working on his much anticipated album….due for release by AUGUST 2015.


Basically during this time when the market is bloated with Zim dancehall, I and some of my colleagues previously referred to as Urban Groovers, are trying to make moves in the larger African market, hence I have done the famous collaboration with Zambias dj Neo #nakuyewa and have just completed my 2nd single U & I whose video will b out first so people can have a feel of the new sound. So 2015 GC explodes.

When did you start making music?

Started making music 2003 when I released the hit song IWE FADZAYI

How do you prepare for your shows?

Depending on the nature of the show whether it needs dancers or a band or just me doing a solo perfomance I always rehearse, and prepare mentally as well

Do you write the songs that you perform and record or do you have a designated writer?


I write my own songs and work with different producers although on my new album I will be employing services of different song writers, I have actually set aside some funds to pay the song writers me n my management have identified.

Explain the concept of the music? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I must admit, I draw my inspiration from other successful musicians, am a businessman as well and so I am inspired by other successful business people! So basically am inspired by success!!!!

Goodchild has such a cool dress sense, where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

I like to look good coz when I look good I feel confident and once am confident I can express my art better, I have a stylist and fashion designer, these guys work on my image and make sure I maintain the look.

If you had to collaborate with a female vocalist who would it be and why?


Wow okay would love to be on the same record with Tererai Mugwadi, isn’t she just amazing????

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you or for you?

The weirdest thing a fan ever did to me was to ask me to go for a show with her car (before I bought mine) because she didn’t want me to use public transport, I then had an accident and the car was badly damaged! It was all over the news google it. I offered to help her buy another1 and she said no its okay accidents do happen….she’s my number1 fan now she’s a family friend, GOD bless her.

What have you learn’t about pursuing your dreams?

I have learnt in life that nothing and no1 can stop you from achieving your dreams, okay I lied, okay there is 1 person who can…YOU!!!! I started music whilst based in a small town-Kwekwe when national radio and t.v was sort of reserved for Harare artists but now am in the power circle….it didn’t come easy it was a lot of hard work to convince guys at radio, t.v and guys in the print media including you…..there’s some john singing out there in ΓΉzumba who you not interviewing but now u coming to me, but if that john works hard you will go to him, that’s how it works, hard work!! hard work!! hard work!! sacrifice, persistence and above all consistence!

What do you dislike about fame ?

I hate fame especially when people treat u differently, they expect everything to be perfect…..there’s no privacy, any small mistake you make,every1 talks about it. But overally fame is good, it comes with a lot of opportunities. I want more of it #sticksToungue out.


Who are your top 5 favorite local artistes?





Tererai (You should have asked for 10 coz I have a number of them)

How can your fans reach you?

I am reachable via

facebook :Goodchild Gc my fan pan page is Goodchild

Twitter: @Gudchyld

Any words of wisdom for the youth of Zimbabwe?

Zim Youth…..let’s not stay home saying things are bad, yes the economy is a bit messed up but its not an excuse to not do anything at all lol!!!! Vanhu ngavashande…..Nothing comes easy even in a good economy, whatever you want go out there and get it!!

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