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5 ladies that Ginimbi is rumoured to have dated

Ginimbi was well known for hooking up with the hottest ladies in town. Indeed the socialite was rarely seen in the absence of a beautiful woman by his side. While some might have been confirmed as his official partners in love, Ginimbi often denied having any love relationship with some of them. These are five women who were close to the socialite before his sudden death.

1 Pokello
The relationship between the two was no secret. Ginimbi and Pokello were seen together many times. Pokello would always be present at his all white parties even if they were done outside the country. She was also a regular at his house and the two often hooked up for lunch and dinner outings. The duo always denied having been involved in a love relationship. They claimed to be the best of friends.

One incident, however blew up the internet when Ginimbi was spotted flirting with Pokello at his club early this year.

2 Luminista
Just like Pokello, Luminista was also very close to the rich business man. She was even tasked with hosting the relaunch of his nightclub after it had been renovated. Luminista was also a regular at his all white parties and would not miss them for anything. Although speculation was high that the two might have been an item during a certain period, the two always denied such rumours.

3 Cici Amor

Ginimbi was rumoured to have dated American model Cici Amor. These allegations were made at a time when she was spotted enjoying herself and soaking up some sun at his Domboshava mansion last year. Ginimbi later took to social media to set the record straight that the two were merely friends and that they had met in the USA.

4 Zodwa Mkandla
Ginimbi and Zodwa were officially together and their relationship was all over the tabloids. They later parted ways and claimed that they still remained business partners. It seems the two never harboured any hard feelings for each other after their break up.

5 Moana
Most people were not aware that the two were known to each other until a comment on instagram a few months ago suggested otherwise. It was claimed that Ginimbi and Moana were an item by zimfit mums who later said her account had been hacked. Moana denied having been involved in a relationship with the business man and that the two were friends. She even got engaged a few months ago, to someone else. Sadly the two passed away in the deadly accident that claimed the lives of two other people

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