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(Prophet) Oscar Pambuka pulls another shocker.

Renowned television presenter and former ZBC news presenter Oscar Pambuka has outdone hiself this time. The journalist is known for his rather unorthodox tactics but his recent announcement takes the prize.

Oscar recently announced that he is now a prophet. He said that his first service will be in Houghton park this coming sunday. He also said that the name of his newly formed church is Oscar Pambuka ministries. Pambuka even went on to encourage people to bring the sick and afflicted and to witness the power of God at work.

The shocking revelation has stirred mixed reactions. Most people dismissed the message as a mere bluff. Others brought up his past and said his previous rendezvous do not tally with the prophetic calling. A few months ago Oscar Pambuka was charged together with Psychology Maziwisa in fraud charges and convicted. He was later released on bail pending appeal.

Pambuka is also a dancehall singer and has been alleged to be a regular drug abuser. The announcement of his new calling clearly left many people speechless. Oscar recently insulted someone on social media by calling him ‘zidhodhi’ meaning feaces after the person had remarked that Pambuka was ugly. Most people have been suggesting that Pambuka clearly is not meant to be a man of cloth.

Others, however, heeded to his call and said they will be at the said venue on Sunday to see Pambuka in action.

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