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Young dollar dies

Socialite and entertainer Young dollar has passed away. The pint sized entertainer is alleged to have breathed his last soon after attending Enzo ishall’s birthday bash on Sunday.

Young dollar is said to have succumbed to alcohol poisoning although an official statement has not yet been released. He was last seen at the birthday celebrations for Enzo ishall on Sunday where he put on a Sterling dancing perfomance. Even when news of his passing away circulated Enzo expressed shock and asserted that it was impossible since he had been with Young dollar just a few hours earlier on at his show.

Young dollar was renowned for his outspoken and free soirited approach to life. He was an entertainer and enjoyed a large number of followers. He had numerous friends in showbiz and was constantly seen in the company of high profile celebrities.

Young dollar was a noticeable feature at shows and often posted for photoshoots with the likes of Gonyeti and other celebrities. His death has come as a huge blow to the arts industry in which he so lovingly dedicated his time.

In spite of his dwarfism, Young dollar exuded confidence and managed to live his life without limitations. He will be surely missed and his absence in the arts industry will be felt

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