ZIFA president ridiculed over his “mirions”

Zifa president Felton Kamambo is the man of the moment on social media. The football chief whip has become the latest victim of social media jokes and memes followers a recent stunt that left many people speechless. Kamambo was addressing a press conference recently and giving a brief on the allocated of funds to local football players in the face of covid 19. All seemed to be going well until the moment the Zifa president failed dismally to announce the figures. He had a hard time reading the figure 32,5 million dollars.

In a very akward and unappealing tone, Kamambo said the female soccer team had been given “32 mirion, and 500 mirion” dollars, a figure that most people failed to understand. The mix up of the numbers ignited a lot of laughter and Kamabo has been trending ever since.

While it is common for most people to mix up numbers or commit slight errors when saying figures , most people have questioned Kamambo’s intellect. Others have said the football entity is in big trouble if its president is not well versed with figures. Kamambo’s failure to pronounce figures have made him the biggest joke of the month. The unforgiving and harsh streets of social media have had a field day with him.

Kamambo took over the reigns from business mogul Phillip Chiyangwa. His recent utterances have left many football lovers questioning Zifa councillors whose voting powers brought Kamambo into power at the end of 2018.

Councillors have recently come under investigation over allegations of accepting inducements in exchange for votes and doubts over Kamambo’s credentials are not doing them any favour at all. It is not the first time Kamambo has been questioned after the Zifa leader insinuated Zimbabwe was a continent when current warriors head coach Zdravko Logarusic was unveiled as the head coach of the Zimbabwe national football team.

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