“Zim also won the world cup today” AKA sets the record straight.

Many people in Africa have been revelling in the glory of the Springboks win against England this past weekend. Indeed the win by South Africa against England ignited so much excitement and celebrations have been underway in most countries. South African rapper AKA has set the record straight by claiming that it was not only South Africa that thrashed England and won but Zimbabwe as well.

These sentiments come as a result of one of the key players in the Springboks squad being a Zimbabwean. Tendai Mtawarira, commonly known as “Beast” is the most capped rugby player in South African history. He is one of the most important team members and has led the Springboks to victory in countless matches. He was part of the squad that defeated England and his immense contribution led the team to victory. The final match between England and South Africa was held at the international stadium Yokohama in Japan.

Although England tried to live up to its famous world cup perfomance, it was no match for the Springboks. Thanks SA team put up a spirited perfomance and nailed their A game. This was the first ever mtch that the Springboks were led by a black captain in their multi racial squad. Beast played skillfully and implored his famous rugby tactics. No wonder why he is the highest earning rugby player in South Africa. Asked for comments, most people were full of praises for the Springboks and could not help but point out that Beast had lifted the Zimbabwean flag very high.

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