10 Tips for Better Mobile Photography

Photography has changed and keeps improving with the technology of camera phones. Taking photos has become easier and lighter than to carry a camera. This has brought in an photo-sharing and photo-editing apps. It has also encouraged many to use photo sharing social media platforms such as Instagram. If you enjoy taking great photos and want to do it like a pro then take these tips to take better pictures.


10 Tips for Better Mobile Photography
10 Tips for Better Mobile Photography


1. It’s all about the light

Look for good lighting to photograph your subject. Avoid shadows as much as possible. However camera phones don’t work as much under low lighting.

2. Zoom with your legs

If you want to zoom in on something, use your legs and move.

3. Do not shake your phone

Do not shake your camera while taking photos. Learn to steady yourself whilst taking your photos and make sure there’s no camera shake.

4. It’s all about the angles

Angles help you with getting the perfect shot. Try capturing your subject and even yourself from different angles and find the one that works best.

5. Use applications 

There are so many applications that support mobile photography. Find your favorite ones that improve picture quality, edit and add effects to your photos.

6. Clean your phone’s camera glass

A clean lens means clearer pictures as you take them. Remove finger prints, grease and dirt from your camera phone.

7. Add quality and quantity

Take as many photos as you can from different angles. 

8. Don’t use your phone’s flash

Avoid using your phone’s flash. It will destroy your photos. Try using natural light instead.

9. Use mirrors or shiny surfaces 

Smooth and shiny surfaces such as glass, mirrors or water bodies offer a great background. You can also use the surfaces to create effects to your photos.

10. Have fun

Don’t take yourself too seriously.While you want to take photos that will have followers double tapping, you can make learning to take photos like a pro an art.And art is fun.

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