Africom Introduces New Device To Help Identify Heart Problems

Africom is launching a new health-focused ECG (Electrocardiography) Dongle. The ECG dongle identifies problems with the heart, such as heart disease, heart failure, and cardiomyopathy to name but a few. The device allows one to check their heart rate anywhere.

The ECG dongle is being launched on 3rd of March in Bindura. Africom says the launch of this device is part of their social responsibility.

The device is portable and going for the price of for $45 at Africom stores around the country.

The dongle comes with the dongle that records data, an OTG-cable that connects the device to smartphones and tablets and electrodes which connect to the device via a cable. Also found in the kit are 4 reusable electrodes to place on the body and record biopotentials. Thereis a smartphone companion app that gives you a PDF of the results of your test.

Africom will be offering free testing until the end of February. Working in conjunction with local clinics around the country people can demo the device. The app is compatible with Android (4.2 and later) and iOS. The PDF results are only available on Android 4.4.

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