New digital platform changes the buying and selling game in Zimbabwe!

The Gumroad digital platform is indeed a great opportunity for people to market and advertise their products. It allows content creators to reach more audiences and earn from their creations. It is a well known fact that local creators have the major challenge that their audience comprises of local people when they could actually attract an international audience. This makes their products not to reach international markets. Gumroad is an ideal networking platform that can easily dispense of that challenge.

There are however things that you cannot sell gumroad being the following. – items that you did not create yourself originally

– drugs and other medical products including prophetic announcing oils and charms.

– second hand stuff

– illegal stuff.

It is imperative that you post good quality pictures of your products. Selling stuff on gumroad is simple. It might, however a take a bit of time for one to get meaningful revenue. One cannot achieve overnight success on the platform as you still have to grow your market base and convince people to buy your products. This is worsened by the fact that people are reluctant to buy stuff online as opposed to walking into a shop and handpicking items.

The major advantage of using gumroad to sell your products is that you connect more conveniently with clients. You can maintain a mailing list and when you want to introduce a new item you can simply mail to all your contacts. The app also has an embed form which you can have on your Twitter or FB directing clients to your page. You can also personalise your home page by changing colours and other features in order to attract views. Gumroad certainly is the go to app for all those willing to market and sell their wares

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