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“Shamhu nyoro” gains momentum.

The phrase “shamhu nyoro” has caused so much buzz on social media and within conversations. It was at a rally held recently that the president Emmerson Mnangagwa uttered the catchy phrase.

The president was speaking on the issue of unjustified price hikes by some retailers in the country. He said it was deplorable conduct and government was not pleased with it. He then advised that those who were hiking prices were going to face the full wrath of the law. He said measures were being put in place to try and curb the problem. The president went on to figuratively say that a whip was being prepared for such people, the whip was going to be dipped in salty water first and dried, before being unleashed on the retailers. This literally translates to “shamhu nyoro”.

Shamhu nyoro has now become part of everyday conversations. Comedians and ordinary people alike have started using the phrase to refer to anything. The president is a man of humourous words. He once stated that the ruling party would rule and rule. He said, ” ichatonga, igotonga, igotonga”.

Another common phrase that he once dished out much to the amusement of his followers was that one could not find such a good government as the current one. Not even in heaven. The phrase became common such that whenever issues of the economy meltdown were brought up, people would sarcastically say that the government was the best and not even heaven could have such a government.

The president also left many people in stitches when he remarked at an interview abroad that he was as soft as wool. Querried by a journalist bout his nickname Garwe, which means a crocodile and whether it meant that he was a fearsome character, the president said, “I am as soft as wool”. He then rebuked claims that people were afraid of him.

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