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The Dos and Don’ts when it comes to contouring

Contouring is one of the essential make up routines to achieve the perfect finish. The main objective of contouring is to accentuate your bathroom features. This is achieved by keeping in mind two simple steps. Using dark colours to bring back and deepen and using light colours to enhance and make bigger. The idea is to contour areas that would normally have shadows on them and highlight those that would normally protrude. Here are the six important tips when contouring.

1. When choosing the contour shade of your bronzer look at the colour your face is in the natural shadows and stick to a shade that’s similar.

2. If you have very fair skin,consider using a very light bronzer,simirlaly if your skin is darker choose a shade just slightly darker than your foundation

3. When contouring your face, you will need an angled brush or sculpting brush. You want it to be densebut still fluffy for the most natural look. Pick up some product on your brush and remove some of it into your hand. This way, you still have pigment in the brush,but it’s evenly distributed and you won’t get any streaks

4 Apply the darker bronzer under your cheekbone, stopping about halfway, in a small circular buffing motion.

5. If your face is very wide extend the contour up your hairline onto your temple. This will create a shadow that visibly slims the face

6. If you have a very high forehead,you can apply some to the top of your hairline to add dimension to the top of your face

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