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Top 10 tips to teach your child in order to avoid rape

Rape cases are on the increase and these ten helpful tips can ensure that your child is safe.

1 The “don’t touch” song

This is a very popular preschool hymn that teaches young kids where other people’s hands should never land on their bodies. Teaching your kid this song can help equip them with helpful information about their sacred body parts.

2 No go areas
Some neighbourhoods have rape hotspots where even young kids go to play. Make sure you let your child know safe places to play around. Always keep an eye on them as well. It takes just a minute to have them molested.

3 Staying clear of strangers
Advise your little ones to be wary of strangers. It is not safe for them to quicky warm up to people they do not know as they may end up being raped.

4 Trusting no one
Most cases of rape actually involve close relatives and friends. Kids must not be too trusting and they must also have boundaries when it comes to how they relate to people that are close to them.

5 Speaking up
Encourage your kid to speak out if anyone makes uncomfortable moves on them. Rapists often lure young kids gradually over a period of time before they strike.

6 Information is key
Some kids are raped and do not even realise they have been molested. They say ignorance can lead to dire consequences so teaching your child about sexual and reproductive health is vital.

7 Boys can also become victims
If your child is a boy this should not stop you from fishing out tips about sexual health. Cases have revealed that even young boys are falling victim to sex predators.

8 Covering up
There are certain parts that should never be exposed and your child needs to know that.

9 Etiquette
Certain simple manners can save your child. Traits such as sitting properly especially when wearing a skirt or dress and not sitting on the laps of people of the opposite sex when they a certain age can make a huge difference.

10 Technology
A recent story of a young model who was raped by a fake modelling agent broke the hearts of many. Teach your kids not to set up.meeyings with unknown people that they meet on social media platforms

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