Just in: Hopewell Chin’ono denied bail

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono’s lawyers are ranting in frustration after their client was recently denied bail. Hopewell had been hauled before the courts yet again for violating terms of his bail conditions. He had been previously granted bail after languishing in remand prison for over six weeks.

Hopewell is facing charges of inciting public violence after his series of twitter rants early this year. He was later freed temporarily on bail by Justice Chitapi at the high court. As part of his bail conditions he was ordered not to use his twitter account for posts that may cause public unrest. He however recently tweeted that the chief Justice Luke Malaba had been spotted leaving the magistrates court on the day he had been denied bail initially. Hopewell made several remarks on the judiciary being captured. He was then re arrested on allegations of violating his bail conditions, and also for undermining the office of the chief justice.

Hopewell might have sealed his fate with the tweet and might not be fortunate enough to get bail this time around. Advocate Fadzayi Mahere recently took to social media to highlight that she is disgusted by the refusal of bail. Several other social media users also had mixed reactions over the matter

Hopewell is an award winning journalist whose career spans over a decade. He is well known for his controversial tweets. A few weeks ago, he had a public altercation with music artist Jah Prayzah. Hopewell reprimanded the singer for not penning down songs that criticize the current government.

It remains to be seen whether Hopewell will be lucky enough to get bail should he make another attempt to apply for it. For now, the journalist might have to settle into his new home, remand prison

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