Nabbed: Male robber posing as a woman finally caged

A Chitungwiza man was recently busted for posing as a lady of the night and subsequently robbing people. He would prey on unsuspecting victims when it turned dark who thought he was a beautiful woman. The man has since been arrested.

The man would lure clients, posing as a thigh vendor. Upon being approached he would then pounce on his victims and rob them of their valuables. The community of Chitungwiza has expressed shock at the modus operandi of the man. Cases of robbery have indeed been on the increase and people have been warned to be wary of such thieves that use clever tactics to lure victims.

There had been several reports of robberies within Chitungwiza by the man and he was eventually nabbed. It is not yet clear whether he was the only one involved in such activities or whether he was acting in connivance with other robbers. Chitungwiza is a hot spot area for thieves and robbers and people must always be on the look out for such.

There has been an increase even at courts of cases of robberies as thieves prey on various victims. This particular robber and his tactics however takes the crown. Most people have stated that he deserves a medal for all the efforts that he out into looking like a beautiful woman and later turning all macho as he robbed his victims. He could almost pass off as a movie star.

Residents of Chitungwiza, men in particular, are breathing a huge sigh o relief following the arrest of the robbers whom they say has been terrorising them. Some said they were no longer comfortable to go to bars at night for fear of coming into contact with the robber. The streets are certainly much safer now

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