Pics: 5 times Madam boss made us green with envy on her Nyanga vacation

Madam boss has been trending on social media due to some pics that she has been sharing. The comedian and her family have been soaking up some sun in Inyanga. These five images had many people green with envy and wishing they were part of this exciting adventure.

Madam boss looks all chilled and relaxed in this image. Of course, showing off her legs set some tongues wagging on social media but the comedian rarely allows negative comments to get her down. The picture is a true example of one living their best life.

It would not have been a perfect outing without her husband and daughter by her side. Fans have been drooling over this picture of Madam boss and her family simply spending some quality time together. Madam boss is rarely seen without her husband. The two work and play together.

The comedian branded herself Zimbabwe’s very own Beyonce and by the look of things, she was not far off. She exudes beauty and grace in this picture making her one of our favorite faces to look at for all times. The self proclaimed Beyonce has indeed been taking great care of herself.

Madam boss is clearly slaying in this black and white jumpsuit and shoes. It would be a boring holiday without having to wear such classy clothes. Inyanga has certainly given the comedian some rejuvenation as evidenced by the way she looks so fresh and clean.

Madam boss has had a hectic work schedule this year . Taking some time off for a well deserved breather was indeed a necessity. Fans have encouraged the comedian to continue with this tradition of taking some time off so that when she makes her comeback it will be huge

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