Ramaphosa extends state of nation disaster

The president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa recently made a state of the nation address in relation to the covid pandemic. In essence he highlighted his concerns with regards to a surge in the numbers of recorded cases ever since restrictions were eased. He urged people to be vigilant in adhering to covid 19 restrictions.

Ramaphosa said he had noted with concern videos of indoor parties in South Africa where most people did not even bother to wear a mask. He advised people to wear a mask at all times and to hold outdoor gatherings where there is more air circulation.

Ramaphosa extended his nation’s state of disaster to 15 December after noting the rise in the number of new infections. He however highlighted that boarders will still remain open. He even lifted the ban on the sell of alcohol but warned the public to be careful in order to avoid a resurgence of the virus.

Just as the president confirmed, the pandemic is far from over. He said in that vein, his country is now shifting rom economic relief to economic recovery. This means his country is open to doing business and ports of entry are open. Ramaphosa also warned people to be careful during the festive season

Locally government announced that the Beitbridge boarder post will be open on the first of December to allow for people to pass in and out of the country to South Africa. South Africa recorded some of the highest number of covid 19 cases worldwide. Ramaphosa also confirmed that plans were underway for the establishment of a vaccine

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