Stranded travellers turned away at boarder post

Some 366 Zimbabweans are reported to be stranded at Beitbridge boarder post after they attempted to come back into the country. They were relying on a recent announcement by government that Zimbabweans may now return from South Africa via Beitbridge without having to seek authorisation from the embassy of either Zimbabwe or South Africa. They were however slapped with harsh reality when they were denied entry at the boarder post.

The refusal by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority to allow them back into the country prompted 366 Zimbabweans to return back to South Africa. They expressed frustration and anger at not being allowed back into the country in spite of the announcement that it was now possible.

Government announced this week that boarders will open on 1 December for normal business. Those willing to get in and out of the country will be able to freely move taking into consideration the adherence to covid 19 guidelines and rules. Government has been busy at work, perfecting structures needed to allow easy movement as well as to contain the corona virus scourge.

Scores of disappointed Zimbabweans found themselves trotting back after being turned away at the boarder post. People had been advised that they could now come back home without the hassle of going through both the Zimbabwean and South African embassies. This only applied to those Zimbabweans living in South Africa with the relevant immigration papers and permanent resident status.

Most people are eager to cross over to South Africa. Some have been stuck here for months. Likewise there are a lot of Zimbabwean citizens that are stuck in South Africa and longing to return home. We guess that could just wait a little bit more for the first of December

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