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10 Types Of Friends You Need To Kick To The Curb

Friends are supposed to bring you more pleasure moments than pain, the friendship should be beneficiary to both parties equally. What must happen when it starts to look one sided?, have the guts to call it off, yes it’s allowed.


Below are ten types of friends you need to get rid off before they destroy you.

1. The Fake

This ‘friend’ is good at pretending, the person they are when you meet them is not the same person they’ll be six months down the line. They will do anything to get closer to you if they like you but true colors will always show up, get rid of them as soon as they show you who they really are.

2. The Frenemy

They are your friend but your arch enemy as well. A friend must be exactly that, a friend. You need someone who can always be in your corner and you in their corner at all times.

3. The Snob

The truth is you don’t need a ‘friend’ who is always bringing you down all the time, making you feel bad for not having what they have like fancy clothes, a car or eating at fancy restaurants. Most people are already hard on themselves, you don’t really need anyone to make it worse when you’re trying your best.

4. The judge Judy

The Judge Judy friend has something to say about everything, judging and criticizing everything and everyone including you. Spending time with such a ‘friend’ will make you doubt the decisions you make for yourself. A good friend advises, they don’t judge and they let you make your own choices as an individual.

5. The Vanisher

This friend is only there when things are going well, when things get tough they disappear. You don’t need a half friend, sometimes they are not there for your best moments, your special moments you want them there they are always MIA. You need friends who will appreciate you and experience the ups and downs of life with.

6. The Gossiper

The deadly thing about a gossiper friend is they not only gossip about other people to you but they might gossip about you with other people. Avoid the negative energies gossipers bring along and being their victim, as soon as you recognize their motive and get rid of them.

7. The Competitor

It’s always about who’s better than the other with this type of friend. It’s hard to celebrate others and be happy for them when you wish you were in their position. Competition and jealousy in friendships go hand in hand.

8. The Schemer

The schemer is always using you in some shady investigation like stalking their ex, they only like you for what you bring to the table which they see beneficiary to them. You need someone with direction and clear goals, someone who can inspire you not make you take a step back.

9. The Manipulator

A friendship with a manipulator is always beneficiary to them. This friend wants you to live your life on their terms. They think it’s their duty to be involved in every aspect of your life and tell you how to handle every situation. They don’t feel powerful unless they’re directing your life.

10. The Over possessive

This friend cannot contain seeing you with other friends, you belong to them and only them. When a new person comes around, their insecurities come out and they put it out on the new person making them feel unwelcome. Don’t be with people that are possessive and don’t be a possessive friend.

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