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Ruvhi Pari Pens An Open Letter To Zim Drivers

Ruvhi Pari has penned an open letter to all Zimbabwean drivers, her reason for concern being the number of people losing their lives due to reckless driving. “Too many people have died from a car accident as a result of drunken driving. It’s bad enough that people can die from car accidents when they are sober”, she said.


Ruvhi started off with the people who are supposed to be law enforcers asking why they choose when and when not to work because of the noticeable number of policemen on the streets during the day compared to night. “Are they only supposed to police us during the day as though from Wednesday through to Sunday nights?”, she asked. She went on to compare the police to Christians who like certain verses in the bible that are only relevant to what they want.

The media personality called people who drunk drive foolish because of the choice they make to drunk drive when they can barely see. She goes on to say when a person is driving they are not only responsible for their own lives but every other person using the road.

Ruvhi compared how brutal other countries’ laws of drunk driving are but in Zimbabwe we talk our way through police roadblocks and get away with it. “Our policemen and women are so malleable. Too pliable as law enforcers. It is in our nature as human beings to try to get out of trouble; we’ve been doing it since our ‘terrible twos’ “, she said.

She then said this subject should be just as important as the “nude parties, sex workers and corruption subjects”. She posed a question saying what would happen if the fine for drunk driving was high or if you could lose your driving license? β€œGore iroro taidzidza zvaka wanda!” she said.

“It’s time to be serious and responsible”, she said.

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