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Top 5 activities that youths should refrain from in 2019.

It is the mid year period whereupon most people reflect on their lives during the first 6, months of the year. As we move into the second half of the year and reminisce on the economic meltdown experienced so far, we have narrowed down a list of habits that young people should desist from in spite of the challenges being experienced. It has often been emphasized that youths are the future leaders of tommorow. It is therefore trite that they preserve their dignity and realize their potential.

1 Drug abuse
Recent statistics have shown that drug abuse has become rampant in Zimbabwe especially amongst the youths. The continued illegal use of bronclear, cocaine and marijuana has become alarmingly high. This is due to the unemployment patterns bedevilling the industrial sector. Suffice to say, this publication encourages youths to refrain from such activities as they have dire consequences on their health and future.

2 Unprotected sexual activity

Zimbabwe is rated amongst some of the African countries with the highest HIV and AIDS prevalence. Youths are encouraged not to indulge in sexual activities. However if they do, protection is a necessity. This will assist in curbing the spread of diseases and preservation of health. Regurlar HIV testing is also necessary.

3 Crime
The old adage goes, “Crime does not pay”. Youths are encouraged to take heed of these wise words. In the wake of harsh economic climate, youths are encouraged not to indulge in criminal activities such as theft, robbery and fraud. Incarceration is not a good thing for young offenders and certainly puts a dent on one’s reputation.

4 Violence

Violence always ends up in disaster. Take for instance the January protests that saw the destruction of a police station, a toll gate and several infrastructure in the country. Disturbingly a lot of young people were involved in the violent protests leaving most people worried about the future of the country.

5 Cyber bullying

Nasty comments and trolling on the internet has become a daily order. Unfortunately some people have had their dignity stripped or lost their self esteem or even more seriously committed suicide as a result of being cyber bullied. Youths are encouraged to behave themselves online and refrain from passing hurtful remarks in others as the impact is huge.

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