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5 Ways To Make Your Monday Feel Like Friday

Don’t you hate login on to social media on a Monday morning and having everyone on your timeline complaining about Monday like it doesn’t happen every week? If you’re not one of them you know at least one person who always has Monday blues, here’s how you can turn your Monday into a fun Friday.

monday blues

1. Do what you love

If you do what you love, you will be excited to go back to work on Mondays. Mondays will never feel like a Mondays because you have exciting ideas or projects to work on. When you love what you do you’ll realize Monday blues are a myth.

2. Enjoy your weekend

You’re definitely going to feel your worst on Monday if you don’t enjoy your weekend. Do something different and exciting and still find time to relax or some alone time to reflect on the past week whilst preparing for the new week.

3. Prepare for Mondays on Fridays

Mondays can be extra stressful with a lot to be done, one way to make it less stressful is to prepare for it on Friday. Try to do all your least favorite things before you go to weekend in that way your Monday will be short and stress free.

4. Dress to kill

If you didn’t prepare for the new week, didn’t go out or were busy with house work all weekend there’s only one thing left to do to make sure you enjoy your Monday- dress to kill. The way you dress can lift up your mood or what you like to call “Monday blues”. When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you’re unstoppable.

5. Act like it’s Friday

I don’t know a lot of people who do not look forward to Fridays. However you treat Friday or feel like, treat Monday the same. From your playlist to your dressing, make it an easy one like a fun Friday.

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