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Takunda Muzondiwa reminisces on African roots.

Zimbabwean born Takunda Muzondiwa poetically took people down memory lane as she reminisced about old African memories during a speech at the National Race Unity speech awards contest in New Zealand. Her theme for the speech was that yesterday she was African but today she was lost.

Takunda’s family migrated to New Zealand when she was only aged 7. In her speech, she highlited the challenges of having moved to another country at such a tender age thereby dispensing of her connection to her African culture. She emotionally talked about the problems facing immigrant children in schools such as low expectations from the minority and racism.

Takunda clrearly ad the audience eating out of the palm of her hand as she spoke about the need for people to accept other minority groups as they are. She gave examples of how black people were now leaning in favour of lightening their skin or straightening their hair in order to blend in.

Takunda also said that even if she came back to Zimbabwe to try and have a connection with her roots, she felt like she was a jigsaw piece in the wrong puzzle. Takunda’s speech was an eye opener for challenges being faced by those who migrate to the diaspora in search of better opportunities.

Takunda is also the headgirl at Mount Albert grammar school. Her speech has received a lot of praises for conscentising people on the word befalling migrants and so called children of the diaspora

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