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Top 6 reasons why youths should participate in politics.

Young people often shy away from participating in politics for reasons best known to themselves.It is however important that young people get actively involved in politics. Here are some of the reasons why youths ought to participate in politics.

1 To break the status quo.

Fresh ideas from young minds can replace archaic authoritarian practices. Youths can break the mainstream political vices of older generations and enforce more vibrant and modern ideas.

2 For future generations.

Active participation of youths in politics can also help to map out better policies for future generations.

3 To decide on fate.

Youths can decide their fate by going to vote and electing their leader of choice. They cannot be heard to cry foul should someone they do not like be elected into the leadership position.

4 Youths for youth empowerment.

Young people often go unheard when it comes to economic policies. Youths should therefore speak out about their grievances by being involved in political issues.

5 Politics for civic engagement.

Political dialogue can lead to civic engagement which includes service to the community through involvement in health, education and charity work. This is also essential for economic growth.

6 To become better citizens.

If the young people are roped into politics, theey are likely to become better citizens.

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