10 Ways to Get Out Of the Friend Zone

Your soul mate could actually be your best friend. We all have at least that one friend that we know is perfect for us. Unfortunately most of us have been put in the friend zone. The friend zone is not impossible to leave. But you know that you have to do something about it.

If you want to stop being just a friend, check out
these super tips to leave the friend zone.

1. Use friends and parents as weapons in your

Get their inner circle of friends and family on your side. By doing this they will show your crush that you are the ideal for them.

2. Break the physical barrier.

Stop being a friend by breaking physical barriers with a touch or hug.

3. Do not be too available

Nice people finish last so if you are always available your crush wont see you as more than a friend.

4. Use your friendship to your advantage

Because you are friends you are able to take advantage of that. You know what your crush likes in a partner and tweak yourself to their liking.

5. Show them a different side of yourself.

Let your sexiest side come out with them. be very different from what they know of you.

6. Flirt with them

Project your desires on your ‘friend’ by flirting with them. Mesmerise them with unexpected gestures just don’t overdo it.

7. Make them subtley jealous

Increase desire by adding other people who your crush can see find you attractive. This way you add competition and they will view you differently.

8. Do not share everything with them.

In the same way that you would like to keep an air of mystery with a flirt do that with your friend. Don’t discuss exes or crushes.

9. Invite them to go out just the two of you.

Find ways to spend time alone together just the two of you.

10. Tell your friend directly what you like.

Honesty is the best policy so just tell your crush that you like them. Tell them that you see them as more than just a friend. If they decide that its not the right time, accept a friendship.

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