8 Reasons Why Some Women Aren’t In Relationships

You must have a friend who is intelligent, attractive, and educated. She’s got it all. But she is unhappy in her love life. We also know these types people and we conducted a study especially for them in order to find out what exactly it is that they are missing.

Bright Side has queried several dozen men to find out why some girls are all alone.

1. They look moody.

Sociologist Jess Carbino studies the behavior of people on popular dating websites. As it turns out, many women try to have the same facial expressions in their photos as the ones that models make on magazine covers which makes them end up looking cold, arrogant, and proud.

But when men choose a partner, they prefer photos of smiling, open women who look a little coy.

2. They put too much emphasis on getting married.

If a woman wants to get married too much, she could even scare away someone who wants a family. If all that matters for a woman is getting married, she’ll start evaluating whether the candidate is husband-material on the first date. She doesn’t think about what this person is like in general.

Men, however, see their partners as future wives only when they are sure that all other things are right.

3. They overcomplicate things.

Many women are inclined to be too dramatic and read too much between the lines when they shouldn’t. There is a difference in the way men and women think. Most men have a clear and logical mind, and women often pay too much attention to unnecessary details.

Of course, we can’t change the way we think to match the requirements of the opposite sex. It’s better if women don’t use vague phrases like β€œI feel like something is wrong.” They don’t make much sense for men. At least try not to do this at the beginning stages of the relationship.

4. They can’t love men.

Men and women don’t always speak the same language of love. Psychologists are convinced that men need to feel the respect of their partner and women value the expression of romantic feelings.

Just like with anything, it’s important to find the right balance. Hugs, kisses, and kind gestures will make you feel that your man loves you, and praise and giving importance to his opinions are the signs of respect he craves.

5. They need a lot of things.

Social requirements for men are higher than for women. They are supposed to earn a lot in order to provide for their families. They need to be stronger, smarter, and calmer than us. However, some women are ready to roll out an entire list of requirements for their potential partner, not even thinking about what they will give him in return.

Even the ideal man would escape from this type of a woman. And if a woman has high expectations for herself, her partner will try to match them too.

6. They don’t take care of their appearance.

Many men consider a woman’s beauty their most valuable asset. Of course, their character, intelligence, and other personality traits are also really important, but their appearance is the first thing that people (not only men) notice.

Stylish women with good posture and a nice smile make a good first impression. And it doesn’t matter if they match the modern beauty standards or not. More than that, women often use fake eyelashes, they have their lips done, and put on a lot of makeup. But all these things only repel men, so be careful.

7. They live in a dream world.

Disney cartoons and Hollywood dramas have spoiled the lives of many men. The clichΓ©s used in romantic movies are so far from reality that there are very few people who could match them.

This doesn’t mean that realistic people have more of a chance at finding love than dreamers, but couples should dream together. The most important thing is to have feelings for the person, but not for what he has.

8. They decide everything by themselves.

The term β€œa strong and independent woman” doesn’t have any positive connotation for men. These words are used to describe women who complain about men’s childish behavior, indecisiveness, and weaknesses. These women try to do everything by themselves.

Men also have their own point of view and pride, they are part of the relationship and they want to be heard and respected. Self-sufficient people don’t need a commander, they need a partner.

And which personality traits have you noticed in women who are unable to build a healthy and happy relationship? Tell us in the comment section below!

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