12 Ways To Use Your LinkedIn Profile as a Resume

Platforms such as LinkedIn are making job searching  easier to do in the context of creating the right resume. A lot of hiring managers and recruiters are now recommending LinkedIn as the best place to look for job candidates as well as jobs themselves. Your LinkedIn profile is the most important part of your account. It’s how you connect with people in your network and is the best place to look for a job. You can setup your profile in such a way that it becomes a point of reference for your qualifications. Below are the 12 ways that you can use your LinkedIn profile as your resume.

12 Ways To Use Your LinkedIn Profile as a Resume
12 Ways To Use Your LinkedIn Profile as a Resume

1.  Create a detailed profile on LinkedIn, including employment (current and past), education, and industry. Add relevant information from your CV or resume onto your profile.

2.Add a proffessional looking photo to your LinkedIn profile.

3. In Professional Summary section of your profile add the industry that you are in or plan to be in. This is helpful for searching for recruiters. You also write your professional and work experience.

4. Add all the keywords and skills from your resume in your profile. Add the most relevant and marketable skills that you have to increase your chances of getting hired.

5. Add the options for what you are looking for in your contact settings.

6. Provide relevant information to potential employers and to your contacts in the links section.

7. Customize your URL and share your profile publicly.

8. Create a LinkedIn signature to use in your email.

9. Keep your profile current and up-to-date by constantly posting. When you advance your skills and change job positions make sure to update.

10. Connect with other members and grow your network in turn increasing your opportunities.

11.Get a LinkedIn recommendation as a reference for potential employers.

12. LinkedIn is the best place to look for a job.

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