5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job Just Yet

Whatever your reason might be, you might want to think twice before you send in that resignation letter. Whether you have a business idea of your own or you hate your current job is not good enough reason why you should quit now and here is why.


1. You don’t have any savings

If you haven’t been saving then you should consider staying at your current job until you’ve saved enough money to cover your expenses while you look for something new.

2. You don’t have a plan

Your job might be horrible but at least you have one. If you don’t know where you’re going or a plan the worst thing you can do is quitting. This can put you under so much unnecessary pressure and panic mood that could have been avoided.

3. You are not done learning

Maybe your co-workers are horrible but take into consideration why you are there. Have you learnt everything you can at your current job? Think about why you are there and what you want to achieve, your current job can develop a key element of success.

4. You are not thinking logically

If you are quitting because someone said you should, then you quitting for the wrong reasons. Things can get better, challenges may turn into highlights. Don’t let emotions lead you, think things through before you make a decision you might regret.

5. You will ruin your resume

A rushed decision can ruin your reputation. Not only can it land you in legal trouble, your resume may suffer too. This should help you make your final decision whether you should go ahead with the resignation or not.


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