5 Signs You Might Be About to Get Fired

Getting fired is never pleasant. You might get fired for a cause, or maybe during a retrenchment. Plus explaining that you were fired on your next job interview. There are often signs that your days as an employee might be numbered. The objective is to check for the warning signs and prepare yourself. Alternatively you can be strategic about how you can avoid being laid off. Below are 5 Signs You Might Be About to Get Fired.

1. When the company is going through financial challenges or not doing well.

2. You are no longer being given responsibilities within the organisation or your assignments are being passed on to someone else.

3. When your boss or management are in a hurry to have you wrap up projects quickly.

4. When your boss doesn’t like you or relate to you anymore and it’s evident.

5. You don’t feel like you belong at your workplace.

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