Teachers nowhere in sight as schools reopen

Teachers have remained defiant about going back to work. As school children made their way to school reopening today, there was no sight of teachers at most government and council run schools. Exam classes officially started lessons some weeks back and the remaining classes opened today. Teachers did not pitch up at most schools prompting parents and guardians to lash out on social media at the current situation.

Teachers have been demanding for an increase in their salaries to a minimum amount equivalent to US 600 dollars. Even after government dangled a carrot and offered a USD 75 allowance, they were not swayed. Furthermore they complained about the allowance being offered in local currency.

Most parents have threatened to keep their children at home as opposed to sending them to school where there will be little supervision due to the absence of teachers. Parents are also crying foul over being asked to pay full fees for the third term when essentially their kids will be going to school for just over a month. The hefty fees are also a burden which most will not be able to raise.

Teachers in the country are earning just under 100 US dollars. They have claimed that this is not enough to cover their basic needs let alone cover expenses of coming to and from work. Another thorn in the flesh is the fact that of all members of the civil service, teachers are among the least paid as compared to soldiers and police officers

It remains to be seen whether the situation will improve or whether government will step in and address the demands of the teachers. For now, the education sector hangs in jeopardy as students struggle to receive any form of education

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