Top 10 tips to prepare for your next job interview.

Being called for an interview can leave some people anxious. An interview needs to be adequately prepared for. Here are our top ten tips on how to give a lasting impression during a job interview.

1 Learn about the company or organization that has called you for an interview. This includes researching on the company’s history, achievements and its day to day functioning. This can help you answer some market relaed questions.

2 Adequately research about the job itself. Some positions are complex and would need one to have in depth knowledge about some specifications of the job.

3 Maintain a compilation of the duties you were responsible for in your previous job. They might come in handy.

4 You may practise answering interview questions with someone else before the actual day. This can help prepare you and improve your eloquence.

5 You must also check in with your references before the day in order to avoid being embarrassed when they get called for information about you.

6 Relax and prepare your mind. Try activities that ease your mind such as working out or going for a massage.

7 Make a list of the accomplishments you have made and you are proud of.

8 Research about the job you are being interviewed for. You must have knowledge about the key duties and responsibilities of that particular position.

9 Prepare to pose questions to your interviewer. Intelligent ones relating to the job. The interview is an interactive process between yourself and the interviewer.

10 Research on the appropriate dress code for the interview. Choice of dressing differs from one profession to the other. For instance what one wears to an interview for the post of a lawyer is totally different for that of an actress.

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