7 Great Foods To Boost Your Brainpower

Like any it part of your body, your brain needs nourishment. There are so many diseases that can affect the brain hence you need to protect your brain. Your brain needs to have chemical balance and strength so as to function. What you eat and your general well-being affects your brain. Below are 8 healthy foods that boost your brain power.

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain antioxidants which protect against free radical damage to cells, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

2. Avocados

If you already love avocados then your brain will love them too. Some of the important nutrients that are in avocados are Vitamin E and potassium. Vitamin E slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease while potassium preservesy brain function by preventing strokes.

3. Red Meat

Red meat is an excellent source of vitamin B12, which is vital for healthy brain function.

4. Celery

Celery is a rich source of luteolin,which lowers rates of age-related memory loss.

5. Curry

Curry contains an anti-inflammatory antioxidant curcumin. Curcumin is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. Curcumin also helps in Alzheimer’s disease and protects the brain.

6. Broccoli and Cauliflower

Broccoli and cauliflower are good sources of choline, a B vitamin known for its role in brain development. This boosts cognitive function and improve learning and memory.

7. Oats

The fiber-filled grains provide glucose, which is good brain fuel.

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