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Top 10 Most Influential Urban Grooves Artists



Decibel burst on to the scene and gained ground in no time because he was so different to anything we had all heard. H had the perfect mixture of urban grooves music and dancehall. His song ‘chido’ had the whole nation chanting ‘Chiiido-ooo’. His song composition was world class. Decibel tracks weren’t for a certain age group or a certain type of person, it affected all age groups.



Rokie burst on to the scene as a teenager when he had a major hit that featured Leonard Mapfumo titled ‘seiko’. The song is a ‘mama’ which made it very special to us Zimbo’s. Rokie earned his bragging rights inthe mid 2000’s when he dropped ‘chidzoka’ which showed how versatile the artist is and proved that he was here to stay unlike most of the urban groovers who came and left. Rokie is arguably the most talented urban groover the country has ever seen. ‘Aiyaho’ is one of the best urban grooves song to be ever released. The originality of the song, amazing vocals and unmistakable urban grooves rhythm just put the artist in a league of his own.

Betty Mkaya


Betty is one of Zimbabwe’s greatest song bird. She has such a beatiful voice that compliments her touching lyrics. Even if you are not emotionally attached to someone her music makes you wish you were, if Drake was Zimbo we would know where he gets his inspiration from. She released songs like ‘usipo’ which is one of the greatest Zimbabwean love song to ever be released. If you ask me Kurwizi has to be in the top 5 love songs to ever be released. This song featured Jamal and had young people wishing they were inlove. The lyrics and melody potrays many a lover’s dream: rwizi, shiri dzichiimba and angels.

Sanii Makalima


Sanii is one of the pioneers of the urban grooves period. He was one of the reasons I started listening as he had world class delivery of his well controlled vocals. His voice reminded me of Usher on tracks like confessions. Sanii dropped his hit track ‘usadaro’ and immediately earned his spot in the game. Usadaro hheart felt lyrics that also make you feel as if you  are heart broken when you are not even seeing anyone.



If there was a key to a Zimbo girl’s heart itwould probably be Nox’music. He has sweet melodies and harmonies, well written lyrics an great delivery on the mic. The ‘Ndinonyara’ star has been recording music since 2003. He has several hit songs such as ‘musikana chidhakwa’ which featured Stunner.



Before we start talking about Alexio’s song writing we have to speak n his voice alone. I am convinced that the star can make a hit song off jus chanting melodies and harmonies because his voice is one of the best voices in the game. The star rleased  a major hit called ‘shaina’ and this song put him in the hearts and minds of all Zimbos. The song became a hit with the Chinese population in the country maybe because they think he is saying China lol. He had another major hit which featured Tererai wich was an amazin hit song with excellent song writing.



Mafriq was the perfect combination of male and femal vocals on a track. The songs were all well penned such as ‘Ndichamudza chete’ which is also one of the greatest songs of the urban grooves error. They also had a major hit called ‘Chizevezeve’ which touched on gossipers who give fake smiles when they see you. Chizevezeve is one of the most memorable videos that came out.

Ex Q


Ex-q has to be the best urban grooves poet to live. He has a smart way of describing situations e.g on the song ‘musalala’ which he describes a situation where he had to visit his granny in the rural areas and yes thats the concept but the way in which he describes it is exquisite indeed.

Extra Large

extra large

The duo had the most exciting story telling techniques that always captured the attention of the people hence their music became very popular in public transport and hair salons. The duo released their hit ‘maroja’ which was packed with comedy and a vivid description of events which sort of made us feel as if we were watching a movie when we listened to Extra large.



Ngoni burst on to the scene in 2002 when he released is first single ‘Ndiwe chete’ which became an instant hit which received massive air-play. Ngoni has released 3 albums eversince including his legendary ndinoimba album.

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